Centaur Equinecisers / Our Competition

Our Competition

At Centaur, we like to standout from our compeition. There are many reasons to reach out to us for equestrian needs.

Each of Centaur’s competitors only offer 1 entry/exit gate for horses with their machines.

We understand that you probably will only use 1 gate most of the time to load and unload horses, but what happens if a horse goes down, and it is on the opposite side of the entry/exit gate? How can you get to him/her quickly, especially if you have other horses in the machine? How do you get the horses out, so you can get to a horse that pulls a muscle, or trips and cannot physically move, and who is a great distance away from the entry/exit gate? Centaur is the only exerciser company that offers an entry/exit gate for each horse.

Chain Drive System

Sprocket teeth and roller chain links wear with time; the roller links become sloppy, one has to continually tighten up the chain. Therefore, chain drives are not good for repeated on/off & reverse directional operation. There is continued maintenance on the links along with monthly greasing of the roller chain. Centaur offers only direct drive from its gearbox to the exerciser’s arms. There are no chains, belts, or friction plates in our drive system.