You Asked, We Listened: the Centaur Economy Equineciser

Over the years we have received numerous requests for a  lower price horse exerciser. After two years of research, design and testing, Centaur is proud to introduce to you its newest model of the Free Flow Equineciser – the Economy 3 and 4 Horse Exerciser.

To make a less expensive Equineciser, Centaur needed to lower its manufacturing costs.  We came up with a design that is durable, and that  functions well under various weather conditions. While in the developmental phase, Centaur places several of its prototypes throughout the United States, in different climates, to see how they would hold up. These machines were put on existing ranches, and used rigorously, much more frequently than average use. We are pleased to announce that after being in use for a three full years, these machines are still running as though they were brand new.

We are pleased to present them to you, so that you to may be able to purchase a less expensive model of our Exerciser.

To keep the manufacturing costs low, there are only 2 models available, the 3 horse model (max 50′ diameter), and the 4 horse, 40 ft. diameter Free Flow Economy Equineciser.